Did you know that some lifestyle changes reduce the risk of breast cancer? Although some women are at a higher risk than others, they can lower the risk by embracing lifestyle and diet choices. For breast cancer survivors, the changes can reduce their chances of re-occurrence of breast cancer.   

Educating patients and women on breast cancer risk factors reduces the chance of breast cancer. Choosing to live a healthy life not only reduces the chance of breast cancer but it prevents stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other chronic conditions. 

Here are some tips that help with overall well being and long-term health:

1. Turmeric cuts down the activity of cancer cells. Consume 100g of turmeric daily.

2. Exercise does not have to be all sweaty to count as healthy; regular light exercise is still efficient—schedule 30 minutes of exercise every day. Be deliberate on your vegetable and fruit intake and ensure you have five servings each day. Daily exercise and daily intake of fruits can reduce the recurrence of breast cancer by 50%. 

3. Intermittent fasting can lower the rate of mortality and recurrence. 

4. Daily consumption of one teaspoon of flaxseed can cut mortality rates by 40%. 

5. According to research,the consumption of alcohol reduces the risk of some illnesses. Moderate drinking lowers the rate of heart disease and some types of stroke. Other studies show that alcohol increases the risk of developing some conditions. According to the Mayo Clinic, having more than one drink each day increases the risk of some cancers like breast cancer. However, regular exercise and healthy eating outweigh the value of moderate drinking, regardless of its influence on the condition. 

6. Eating one cup of edamame or drinking one cup of soy milk can reduce the mortality rate by 36 to 38%.