Texas – September 19, 2020–Texas Breast Care understands that breast health is essential in every patient’s life. That’s why it continues to pioneer its breast cancer treatment efforts to ensure patients are diagnosed and treated using advanced tools and medicines. Breast surgeons at the center work together with medical oncologists at Choice Cancer Care to treat patients.

Texas Breast Care sensitizes breast cancer patients to be proactive with their healthcare at all times. They try to guide them in making informed decisions regarding the best treatment by providing quality breast exams, information, and discussing the disease’s symptoms for their individual diagnosis and circumstances.

Some of the services offered by Texas Breast Care include Hidden Scar lumpectomy/mastectomy, nipple-sparing mastectomy, total mastectomy, axillary dissection, breast cyst aspiration, skin-sparing mastectomy, major duct excision, skin punch biopsy, systemic therapies, and more. The center helps patients overcome their fears and concerns by discussing their diagnosis and treatment suitable for their condition.

Every patient’s breast cancer is unique and requires the team-based approach offered at Texas Breast Care to fight the disease. The center has experts with knowledge and experience about breast cancer who use this approach to help patients receive the right treatment and recover first. Their state of the art facility has the latest testing protocols and advancements in breast cancer treatment and other cutting edge equipment that help in treating breast cancer.

Texas Breast Care provides breast cancer treatment in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Patient treatment is customized to the patients’ health, needs, and preferences for the best outcomes. The physicians work with patients to develop personalized treatment plans that will deliver excellent clinical and cosmetic results. All the medical and office staff at the center treat patients and their families with respect, courtesy, and compassion.

Texas Breast Care has invested in cutting edge technology to ensure patients access the best treatment possible. Their experience in breast care, combined with compassionate care, gives them an edge over the other breast cancer facilities in the region.