Total mastectomy refers to a surgical procedure aimed at treating breast cancer through the removal of the entire breast, including the areola, nipple, breast tissue, and skin.

This surgery is suitable for patients who:

  • Have been diagnosed with many areas of ductal carcinoma in situ in one breast
  • Haven’t undergone a breast cancer diagnosis but have been identified to have a genetic disposition or stand a high risk of getting breast cancer

Our breast cancer experts at Texas Breast Care can help you determine if you should undergo a total mastectomy.

Total Mastectomy Benefits

  • It eliminates 95% of the breast gland and lowers the rate of local recurrence of breast cancer
  • It’s possible to use your body tissues or implants to carry out a reconstruction that’ll restore your body image

Total Mastectomy Drawbacks

  • Removing the breast can change the body image
  • You may need reconstruction or prosthesis to restore the body image
  • The duration needed to remain hospitalized or recover is a bit longer than in lumpectomy

It’s essential that you talk to our physicians at Texas Breast Care to establish whether you need immediate or delayed reconstruction surgery.

We provide our patients with written information to help them understand the available options.

Pre-Surgery and Surgery

  • Before the surgery, you’ll need pre-admission work-up, including blood work and tests as directed by one of our physicians
  • Come with your insurance card and other special instructions
  • Inform our nurse of possible allergies you may have and the medications you currently take, whether non-prescription, vitamins, or herbal. The nurse will guide on any special preparations you may need to take prior to the surgery
  • You may be admitted for surgery early on the same day
  • Without immediate reconstruction, the surgery may take about an hour
  • It may take several hours to recover in a post-op room
  • If you undergo mastectomy as an outpatient, you may go back home the same day
  • Hospitalization can last for one or several days 

After Surgery

Most patients often use oral medication to control post-surgery pain. After waking up, you’ll be assisted to walk to the bathroom. To prevent the surgical arm from swelling, lift it on the pillow past your heart level.

Our surgeons may close surgical incisions using methods such as dissolvable stitches, removable stitches, staples, or skin glue.


Recover may take several weeks and rest is crucial. If you feel excessive pain, fever or notice signs of infection, you should alert your physician at Texas Breast Care. Your surgeon will also guide you on when and how to remove the stitches or glue.

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