As a breast cancer survivor, you may need follow-up care after your treatment. Although you’ll live a cancer-free life, you remain at high risk for other chronic illnesses. Examples of diseases you’re vulnerable to include heart disease, sexual health problems, bone health issues, cancer recurrence, new emerging cancers, anxiety and depression, and other mental health issues.

A survivorship program can be tailored to educate you on how to take good care of yourself and also offer guidance as you try to re-evaluate your life and priorities. It will help you adapt to any new changes physical and functional changes you may face. Support services can help to improve your overall care by empowering you to have a meaningful life after cancer.

Through a cancer survivorship program, you can continue to stay healthy after battling breast cancer. The program will help you recognize any issues that may come up while you are recuperating. At our cancer care, you will receive support to help you live well and empower you to manage your health.

After undergoing successful treatment, you will need to know how you can address the effects of breast cancer treatment and how to identify treatment-related issues such as:

  • Managing the side effects of treatment
  • Identifying the symptoms of recurrence
  • Addressing fertility and sexual health concerns
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Addressing your financial and social concerns
  • Recommendations on bone health and more

Our program helps to identify and address the needs of our patients, including follow-up care and information sharing through your general practitioner and support groups.

Our model of survivorship care includes the following:

  • Individualized follow-up care
  • Transition visits with our physicians after successful treatment
  • Cancer rehabilitation
  • Health and well-being assessment
  • Advocate program
  • Resources to help you improve your health with support materials about diet, exercise, bone health, sexual health, physical therapy, and more

With our well-planned survivorship program, you will be educated on how to manage your health better and improve your quality of life. We have resources that will transform your life, including attending mind and body classes that will help you manage your stress.

Our counseling sessions and support groups will help you and your family members find the courage and hope to move on.

At Texas Breast Care, we understand the complications of breast cancer that survivors face. We have experts who will provide long-term follow-up care until your concerns are addressed, and your risk of recurrence is minimized.