Lumpectomy or breast-conserving surgery involves the removal of a tumor with various amounts of nearby tissues from a breast. It leaves the other parts of the breast, such as areola and nipple, untouched.

To qualify for lumpectomy, our physicians at Texas Breast Care will assess:

  • The tumor size in comparison to the breast size – a big tumor in a small breast may not yield good cosmetic results
  • More than one tumor in a breast
  • The tumor’s location in the breast (if located below the nipple, it may lead to poor cosmetic results)
  • Pregnancy (if immediate radiation therapy is needed then pregnancy disqualifies)
  • Mammogram revealing microcalcifications in other sections of the breast may signal a high possibility of recurrence
  • Lung disease
  • The involvement of chest wall, muscle, or skin from an invasive tumor
  • Transport or travel restrictions to the clinic for every day radiation of up to 6 weeks
  • Your surgery related priorities

Lumpectomy has benefits and limitations, which you need to understand and discuss with one of our physicians.

Benefits of Lumpectomy

  • Surgery may take place on an outpatient arrangement
  • The procedure doesn’t change your body image
  • Reconstruction is rarely required
  • A greater part of the breast is conserved, particularly the areola and nipple
  • Shorter recovery time
  • You can wear your own bras; a prosthesis is not necessary
  • Compared to mastectomy, lumpectomy doesn’t have as big of an emotional impact on women

Possible Limitations

  • There’s a risk of cancer recurring in the rest of the breast tissue
  • Radiation therapy is a typical requirement – up to six weeks
  • The remaining breast tissue may reduce in size after the swelling from radiation therapy subsides
  • The breast area may experience changes in color, texture and reduced sensation
  • After radiation, breast lumpiness can occur and this can affect some women psychologically
  • A second lumpectomy may be required if cancer recurs

Note that even if the cancer recurs, lumpectomy patients’ overall survival rate is comparable to that of mastectomy patients.

Before Lumpectomy Surgery

Before the surgery, you will have a pre-admission work-up, which includes blood work and other diagnostic tests required by a Texas Breast Care physician.

We usually perform surgery after an early admission the same day on both male and female patients. It could be outpatient or inpatient.

We have a team of experienced oncologists at Texas Breast Care who’ll prepare you for lumpectomy, answer all your questions and provide the right surgical procedure based on your unique circumstances. Call us today at 214.379.2700 to book an appointment