A Hidden Scar Lumpectomy is an advanced approach used in breast cancer surgery. The procedure involves placing the incision in an area of the breast that is hard to see. This prevents the scar from being visible after healing.

Hidden Scar Lumpectomy can be recommended based on the tumor size and location, as well as the shape and size of your breast.

The Procedure

In Hidden Scar Lumpectomy, oncoplastic techniques are used to fill the void that was created at the tumor site and margin removal. This approach ensures minimal visible scaring and preservation of the shape and contour of the breast while sparing the areola, nipple, and surrounding breast tissue.

During lumpectomy, the surgeon will remove a breast tumor by making an incision in one of three locations to make the scar less visible. The lump will be removed together with a small portion of healthy tissue, but the breast will retain much of its shape.

The three potential places for making incisions in a lumpectomy include: the axilla (under the armpit) the periareolar, which is the area around the edges of the areola inframammary fold or the natural crease beneath the breast.

The doctor will recommend a Hidden Scar Lumpectomy if the tumor is small enough relative to the size of the breast and if cancer has not spread to any other areas of the breast. This approach may also be considered if the patient has ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) non-invasive breast cancer. The location and size of the tumor are determining factors for Hidden Scar Lumpectomy. Women with a personal or family history of breast cancer are not eligible for this approach.

Benefits of Hidden Scar Lumpectomy

It is a safe and efficient surgical procedure done with utmost precision. Doctors performing the procedure ensure that they optimize both clinical and aesthetic outcomes for their patients. With no visible reminder, the patient will make a fast recovery psychologically and emotionally.

Patients who undergo Hidden Scar Lumpectomy have a lower risk of breast cancer recurrence. After this procedure, the patient will have more self-confidence and go about their normal activities without fear.

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