Breast cyst aspiration is a simple and quick medical procedure performed to remove an abnormal fluid-filled lump (cyst) from the breast. Breast cysts are fluid-filled sacs – like tiny balloons – that form inside the breast.

Some cysts can grow large and cause pain. By draining the fluid inside the cyst, doctors will be able to find out if it’s cancerous or not. Your doctor will recommend an operation based on symptoms such as nipple discharge, lump, and breast pain or tenderness.

The doctor may use a mammogram or ultrasound as a visual guide to locate the cyst. The fluid is drained using a needle and syringe.

During the procedure, the patient will be given local anesthesia. The doctor will then apply gel on the breast and use a probe to help find the cyst. After locating the cyst, the doctor will use a needle and syringe to aspirate the cyst’s contents. The punctured area will then be covered with a bandage or dressing.

A breast cyst aspiration reduces the waiting time for diagnosis for some patients by providing information right away. If the cyst contains watery fluid, it’s harmless and will go away after the aspiration.

But if the fluid is bloody, it has to be sent to the lab for examination. If the lump is a solid mass, the physician will perform a biopsy to examine the tissue sample further for cancer.

The advantage of breast cyst aspiration is that you will receive a diagnosis on the same day as the procedure. If it turns out that it’s a cyst, you will go home without requiring other tests. A bloody cyst or solid lump will need more tests to determine whether it’s cancerous.

What Causes Breast Cysts

Breast cysts form because of the aging of ducts, involution, or obstruction within the breast. They are usually well-circumscribed, mobile, and tender on palpation. They might cause pain, but they are often non-cancerous. Breast cysts are common in premenopausal women of 40 years or older.

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