Hidden Scar Lumpectomy

A Hidden Scar Lumpectomy is an advanced approach used in breast cancer surgery.

Hidden Scar Mastectomy

Hidden Scar Mastectomy is the surgical removal of the whole breast tissue using incisions in locations that are less visible after healing.

Oncoplastic Surgery

Oncoplastic surgery is an approach that combines breast surgical oncology with the latest plastic surgery techniques.

Nipple Sparing Mastectomy

A nipple-sparing mastectomy is an advanced form of mastectomy performed on women with breast cancer.


Lumpectomy or breast-conserving surgery involves the removal of a tumor with various amounts of nearby tissues from a breast.

Genetic Counseling And Testing

A genetic counselor has specialized training in medical genetics.

Skin-Sparing Mastectomy

In skin-sparing mastectomy, the surgeon preserves most of the skin around the breast.

Sentinel Node Biopsy

A sentinel node biopsy is a procedure that identifies the first lymph nodes into which a tumor drains.

Axillary Dissection

Lymph nodes are an essential filtering system for the body’s lymphatic system.

Excision Of Benign Masses

Finding a lump in your breast can be frightening, but don’t panic; a lump doesn’t always signal breast cancer.

Insertion Of Catheters For Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI)

Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI) or brachytherapy is a radiation treatment that’s carried out locally.

Excisional Biopsy

Excisional biopsy is the procedure of cutting out tissue from the body to study the makeup of its cells.

Major Duct Excision

A major duct excision involves removing the end of all milk ducts through a surgical operation.

Nipple Duct Excision

Nipple duct excision is a surgical procedure performed to remove a milk duct presenting nipple discharge or affected by a tumor.

Breast Cyst Aspiration

Breast cyst aspiration is a simple and quick medical procedure performed to remove an abnormal fluid-filled lump (cyst) from the breast.

Skin Punch Biopsy

A skin punch biopsy is a medical procedure where skin tissue is acquired for laboratory examination.

Implantable Venous Access Port Insertions And Removal

IVAP are devices used to deliver blood and medications into larger veins for long periods. 

Total Mastectomy

Total mastectomy refers to a surgical procedure aimed at treating breast cancer through the removal of the entire breast.

Consultation Services

Consultation services allow you time with your cancer care team to help you understand and discuss those options.

High Risk Management

A high-risk management program can help you with clinical evaluation, regular screenings, genetic counseling.


A survivorship program can be tailored to educate you on how to take good care of yourself and also offer guidance.

Systemic Therapies

Systemic therapies are medications that are delivered to the whole body to kill cancer cells wherever they may be located.