All women can help protect themselves from breast cancer.  No matter how low or high your risk of developing breast cancer is, be sure you know how to check your breast for unusual lumps or irregularities, and remember to check every month. Monthly breast self-exams, regular breast exams conducted by your doctor, and regular mammograms are important for all women.

Learn how to perform a monthly breast self-exam.

The exact cause of breast cancer is unknown. There is no explanation why one woman develops breast cancer and another does not. It has been determined that bumping, bruising, or touching the breast does not cause cancer. Research has revealed that women showing some of the risk factors have a higher chance than others in developing breast cancer.

Research is being conducted and a study on the effect of diet, physical activity, and genetics on breast cancer risk. There is also research on whether particular substances in the environment can increase the risk of breast cancer.

If you suspect that you are at risk, you should speak with our breast surgeon. She can offer information on things you can do to reduce your risk and can help you plan a schedule for breast care checkups.