Seven months into the pandemic, the world population has no choice but to redefine their way of life. Home-schooling, working from home, social distance, etc., are the new norm. However, certain aspects of life cannot adapt to the coronavirus pandemic, such as mammogram screening.

Did you cancel your annual mammogram appointment, or are you hesitant to schedule one due to coronavirus? Well, it’s safe to get a mammogram during the pandemic.

Medical practitioners understand the risk and fear of infection among their patients. So, they have set up measures that guarantee safety for their patients.

Precautions for Service Delivery:

  • All patients go through a screening process at all entrances
  • Hospital staff and patients must always wear their masks (some hospitals provide face masks)
  • Limited sitting space and spaced out appointments to ensure social distancing

Importance of Screening

Patients discover breast cancer through a lump, screening, or symptoms. Screening spots the bulge in your breast, three months before you or a physician can feel it during an examination.

Women above 40 years should, therefore, prioritize annual screening. Women above 20 years who have an elevated risk of breast cancer should schedule frequent screening appointments.

Commercial insurance companies cover breast cancer screening as a preventive service for women above 40 years old.

Convenience and Accuracy

In the past, the number of false positives was high, but with the 3D mammogram, the results are 99% accurate.

3D mammogram technology takes several images of the breast. The images portray an accurate picture of the breast and reduce the number of inaccurate results.

To eliminate multiple hospital visits, radiologists read the results to patients, but patients receive their mammogram results on the scheduled days. However, if your results show some abnormalities, specialists plan further examinations immediately.

Medical centers with experienced staff and those that rely on the latest imaging technology, guarantee convenient and safe mammograms during Covid-19.