Women worried about developing breast cancer have a solution that can possibly lower their risk.

The research was carried out to investigate how early mammogram screening can significantly reduce the risk of fatal and advanced breast cancer.

It was discovered that a large percentage of patients who underwent mammogram screening experienced a reduction in fatal cancers within 10 years after they were diagnosed with the disease. There was also a significant reduction in advanced breast cancer.

Although many women get routine mammogram screenings, others brush it off without knowing how beneficial testing is to their health and well-being. In the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention records, the percentage of patients over the age of 40 who took mammogram tests had increased to 65.3%.

The current study shows that finding breast cancer early is key to the survival of advanced and fatal breast cancer.

Mammography is the most effective screening method for diagnosing breast cancer in women. The testing method has been used in multiple randomized trials to reduce breast cancer incidence and mortality.

A lot of data is available, showing improved outcomes in patients who underwent mammography. A combination of early diagnosis for breast cancer and treatment has helped to significantly reduce breast cancer mortality rates. The dramatic progress has seen thousands of patients’ lives being saved. 

The advances in breast cancer screening and diagnosis, such as digital mammography has necessitated early detection and treatment before the disease progresses. Screening mammography alone can help reduce the risks of fatal breast cancers and improve patient survival.

In the study, the team analyzed patients and discovered that mammogram screening could significantly reduce fatal and advanced breast cancer rates. Among those who had a mammogram exam, there was a 41% decrease in fatal cancers and 25% in advanced breast cancer after diagnosis.