Breast cancer is easy to treat if you discover it early. Women with a high risk are encouraged to schedule an annual mammography. Unfortunately, the number of women who should get mammography has decreased due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since the beginning of March, most hospitals have cancelled elective procedures such as breast cancer screenings. Breast cancer surgeries were also changed, cancelled, or delayed.

Timely breast cancer screening has reduced the death rate by 20%. Unfortunately, five out of a thousand women screened for breast cancer are diagnosed with the disease. Delays and cancellation of the mammography mean that the 5% will receive a diagnosis when the cancer is beyond the early stages. The treatment for patients with a late diagnosis will delay treatment and the chances of recovery will be reduced.

Women above fifty years or those with a family history of breast cancer are at a higher risk.

Doctors and physicians are now urging patients to re-book their mammography appointment if they had cancelled it due to the pandemic. Also, doctors are emphasizing the need to know the early signs of breast cancer.

The doctors believe that women should also learn how to self diagnose. Patient education is essential in diagnosing breast cancer and recovery. It empowers patients to take charge of their health.

It is easy to treat breast cancer if it is discovered early. Also, the cost of treatment is lower than when the cancer is in an advanced stage. Treatment for early-stage breast cancer may include surgery or radiation or multiple treatment modes combined.

If breast cancer is in the advanced stage, physicians use radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy. Health providers have increased measures to protect their patients and themselves from Covid-19 infections so you can have a cancer screening without fear of infection.