A breast surgical oncologist is a trained and specialized doctor in treating breast cancer by performing surgery of the breasts.

What does a Breast Surgeon do? 

  • The doctor is specialized in removing breast tumors and lymph nodes while sparing as much of the breast tissues as possible.
  • The surgeonperforms surgeryas a form of cancer treatment. 
  • An oncologist will consider various factors to determine the appropriate medicines that may be needed for each patient combined with surgery for treatment.

Breast Cancer Surgeons can offer patients:

  • Hidden Scar™ surgery
  • Oncoplastic breast surgery
  • Lumpectomy/breast-conserving surgery
  • Mastectomies – including skin and nipple-sparing surgeries
  • Theatrical reconstruction of the breast
  • Prophylactic mastectomy
  • Performing lymph node surgeries

Where Can I Find an Oncologist?

    Are you looking for a breast surgeon in North Texas?

  • The breast surgeons at Texas Breast Care see men as well as women with breast problems. Working together with the medical oncologists at Choice Cancer Care, our friendly and compassionate staff cares about every patient. 
  • Texas Breast Care is dedicated solely to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. This type of focused expertise benefits our patients due to the knowledge and experience our care team members possess related to breast cancer.

Breast cancer treatment often begins with surgery, which is why you should choose a highly qualified and experienced surgeon for your treatment.

According to research, breast cancer surgeons who have performed many breast cancer surgeries performed better than physicians with a lower volume of operations.With years of training and education focused on breast cancer, surgeons are committed to their profession. Surgeons have detailed knowledge of cancer, genetics, and advanced surgical alternatives to help patients get the best possible results.