Southlake, Texas, Nov 16, 2020 – Texas Breast Care is a breast cancer center offering various breast cancer therapies and supportive care. They know that every breast cancer patient needs to meet their emotional, practical, and physical challenges when dealing with the disease. Due to its supportive therapy, Texas Breast Care has helped many people enhance their quality of life even after completing treatment.

Texas Breast Care understands that every woman with breast cancer recovers differently according to the type, stage of cancer, and the treatment they receive. That’s why they have invested in state of the art technology and have the best breast cancer specialists. Whether you are scheduled for hormonal therapy, skin, or nipple-sparing surgery,  or Hidden Scar™ surgery, you’ll be placed in the hands of specialists who’ll treat you with compassion and respect.

After treatment is completed, the multi-disciplinary team at Texas Breast Care will also help you deal with other issues such as treatment side effects, physical rehabilitation, Lymphedema, pain, body image, and self-esteem issues. They’ll recommend physical exercise programs or medication to alleviate the condition you may be experiencing after your breast cancer treatment.

The supportive care offered by Texas Breast Care also includes follow up tests to identify symptoms of cancer recurrence or any other complications from treatment. Supportive therapy helps in your recovery during and after treatment. 

Texas Breast Care has specialists in every aspect of breast cancer care and support. From oncologists, dieticians, physical therapists, plastic surgeons, integrative medicine specialists, and other health care professionals, you are assured of comprehensive breast care to ensure your disease and any other underlying conditions hindering your full recovery are addressed. In the end, your physical, emotional, and spiritual well being is what matters.

Through follow-up appointments, you’ll be able to discuss any issues you may be experiencing with the doctors who’ll offer advice and treatment to help you recover faster. Texas Breast Care keeps up with innovative diagnostic tests, treatments, and interventions to help patients receive coordinative care and support.