Breast health is an important part of every woman’s well-being but should not be a source of anxiety. At Texas Breast Care, we feel that it is important that patients be proactive with their healthcare. We strive to help patients make an informed decision on the best breast care treatment available by providing breast cancer information, breast exams, and discussing symptoms of breast cancer for their personal diagnosis and circumstances.

Our breast surgeons see men as well as women with breast problems. Working together with the medical oncologists at Choice Cancer Care, our friendly and compassionate staff cares about every patient and their family. We understand the fears and concerns you may have and we are here for you through the whole process offering breast cancer information needed to help ease the anxiety of your diagnosis and breast care treatment.

A few of the many reasons why Texas Breast Care stands out for diagnosis and care:

• A team-based approach –Texas Breast Care is dedicated solely to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. This type of focused expertise benefits our patients due to the knowledge and experience our care team members possess related to breast cancer. Our team of professionals; Dr. Dabney and Dr. Goday have dedicated their lives to fighting cancer. When a team-based approach is taken, patients gain from the collective knowledge of all professionals working on their case.

• Cutting-edge technology – Texas Breast Care is a state-of-the-art facility with doctors who go above and beyond to stay apprised of the latest advancements in treatment, testing protocols and other tools to aid in the treatment of breast cancer. Our doctors are able to handle everything from genetic testing and radiation therapy to chemotherapy and beyond.

• Compassion – Texas Breast Care believes in providing patients with a comfortable, relaxing environment during the entire cancer treatment process. Patients should be more than statistics. Texas Breast Care believes in treating patients like people and ensuring they receive an individualized treatment plan that delivers the best possible chances for success. Everyone from the office staff up to the medical staff treats our patients and families with courtesy, respect and, most importantly, compassion.

Patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer will find many professionals and facilities available to treat them. Texas Breast Care specializes in the treatment of breast cancer and offers patients an edge thanks to technology, experience and compassionate care.