Dr Amelia TowerBreast health is an important part of every woman’s well-being but should not be a source of anxiety. At Texas Breast Care, we feel that it is important that patients be proactive with their healthcare. We strive to help patients make an informed decision on the best breast care treatment available by providing breast cancer information, breast exams, and discussing symptoms of breast cancer for their personal diagnosis and circumstances. Our breast surgeons see men as well as women with breast problems.

Dr. Tower, a breast surgeon, is very compassionate and works in a calm caring manner. She truly puts the patient’s best interest first. When making decisions on patient care and breast cancer treatments, she takes the wants and needs of each patient into consideration before developing a final plan of action.

Dr. Tower is knowledgeable in all aspects of breast care. She treats the whole person not just the disease and makes herself available at all times, even if it is calling her on her cell phone to answer any questions or concerns the patient or family may have.

Working together with the medical oncologists at Choice Cancer Care, our friendly and compassionate staff cares about every patient and their family. We understand the fears and concerns you may have and we are here for you through the whole process offering breast cancer information needed to help ease the anxiety of your diagnosis and breast care treatment.

We offer a comfortable office with a warm atmosphere to help you feel at ease and give you that “at home” feeling. Our goal is to make this difficult process as smooth and worry free as possible.